Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreaming of a summer filled with bikes with baskets in parks ...

So - it's freezing and the heater is struggling to keep the house warm so I'm dreaming of using parks for picnics and being outdoors. I have also just taken possession of a new pair of Camper boots that need some stylish excursions that make them look practical. They would be perfect on board a fine bike with a thermos of soup in the front basket.

Here in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia we have a wonderful addition - Swedish Bikes. They are things to fawn over ....


Skeppshult Bikes really are design masterpieces. I'm not sure if can even still ride a bike but I tell you - these things make me want to try.

The Mud Factory gives you some suggested bikes tracks to use around Healesville. They look like such a great city bike I'm not sure how this will go but I'm going to try and I'll let you know.


The Design Files by Janet Lodge has a fantastic article on some really beautifully designed bikes in preparation for summer:


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Go to market - or start a new project?

We are presently considering the logistics of moving. So as not to commit to the final idea to much we have started a series of preliminary projects. Breaking down the mountain some would say.

One of these ideas was to go to Camberwell Market on a Sunday and start selling the 'extra' bits we stash in spare rooms, office space and under the beds. My four year old son was the most successful on the day. He is inspirational! 6am there he is explaining to passerby's that he needs to sell his baby toys to get his Buzz Lightyear - he really was very cute. As his mother is a hoarder this is a very needed lesson.

Anyway ..... back now and we are looking at a second market. I witnessed loads of magazines for sale last market and a terrific friend of ours - who has a great eye for a bit of beautiful - also mentioned magazines sell well. I am not going to admit to how many magazines I actually have but I will say I was incredibly happy when I found this link.

Potentially now I simply have another project - not a pile of paper!!!



We are all constantly looking for inspiration for all sorts of things. To get out of bed, create a better life, finish an essay or maybe start a sculpture. A friend of mine used to say it was our job as human beings to make the world more beautiful in any way we can.

Our life should be a reflection of our belief in the beauty of the world.

For this to happen we need to be aware of what inspires us. Is it the detail people go to, the idea someone is chasing or simply the commitment someone displays. Does it always have to be an end product that is inspirational or is the journey equally (or more) important?

There is some irony in the fact I start this blog on the anniversary of the death of a women that was incredibly inspirational to me for the last 20 (or so) years of my life. She will continue to be - that is part of her beauty.

I once said to her "Oh Sheena - it's just fashion!" Well - she turned on me so fast "NO Brook - it's not. It's totemism. It's the way we communicate who we are to the rest of the world everyday." At 20 I was definitely put back in my place.

Design and art should be allowed to effortlessly be a part of how we behave and live everyday - maybe it's just laziness not to but more likely it's there - we just forget to look.

This blog is dedicated to looking, to sharing and maybe even promoting the apparent design we have around us.

The beauty that is atainable to us all to make our lives that much more fulfilling.

We all deserve to live an inspired life.

I hope you enjoy xo