Tuesday, November 2, 2010

3 Stories Artspace - ART IS A VERB

3 Stories Artspace - Intrigue - Inspire - Involve

How could I not write about 3 stories when they offer such things as little boxes of inspiration for us all to purchase. 

So the inspiration here is 'tooling up' for a bit of inspirational activity with beautiful equipment. 


This is a space that honours the process as much as the end result. They actively demonstrate this by constantly offering a range of classes, workshops and community activities.

3 Stories Artspace is set high above the Maroondah dam so the views themselves are worth a visit. 

Pieces are set off by this natural back drop that invites you to contemplate and relax with whats on offer - not feel isolated and have a purely intellectual experience with the work on offer. The space invites gentle change and thought from both the artist and the viewer.


The gallery is owned and run by artist, curator, power house Ali Griffin and her partner Bill. They are both owners and absolute participants in what happens in the space. Their blurred boundaries between their life and the space is obvious with a positive result. They are welcoming and inclusive by nature.

This is a piece of Ali's work that came out of a workshop dealing with the use of layering wax on paper and mixing with other mediums if required. Ali has used maps in this piece. Available for sale at the gallery of course.

Delicate linen vessels - perfect for holding light and space

Choices of things all hand made, gathered, shared and sourced with inspiration, beauty and thought in mind. Perfect gift giving area. Maybe a gift for you, maybe for someone else .... we all need a little parcel once in a while. A very well chosen book collection sits behind and beside the 'objects'. These are books choosen to complement an eccelectic love of what artictic expression is and can be.

Type a quick zine. If you can't do that buy one of the many on offer here. We LOVE the modern Zine. Expression on paper from all angles.

Current exhibition is by Malcolm Peel ... extraordinary work. To much to say about in in this blog but ....he says "It's about people and place, about my sense of reality, about the realities of others, in time and place, about the nature of the universe we find ourselves living in. The place we occupy in this vast universe astounds and terrifies me. By the light of day I see the familiar. By night I see the vastness and the violence of the rest of time and space. I see our future." 


Take some time to see this work - you'll need time but you will be well rewarded for it.

A view from the space....

While you are here you can also enjoy a coffee (Yarra Valley sourced) and locally made biscuit. A cafe it is not but a wonderful place to sit and contemplate the world it is.


Alistair Whyte's ceramics always have a spot here at the gallery. Moulded into the likeness of takeaway paper cups all a little bit 'out of shape'. Just as a paper cup is in our hand. From Alistair "My skills come from years spent studying and working in Japan learning fine porcelain techniques, though I make a diverse range of ceramics in porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, raku and by pit firing"

3 Stories - Artspace
505 Maroondah Highway
Healesville,  3777

Open Thursday - Sunday 11ma - 4pm
Phone: 03 5962 5688
Email: art@threestories.com.au
Web: http://www.threestories.com.au/

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